About Claire

Claire Paulin is an emerging artist from Quebec City, working mainly in acrylics and oils. She has also lived in Goose Bay, Labrador, Montreal, Edmonton, Zurich, Bahrain and has travelled extensively in the Far East. She recently returned to Canada and is based in Ottawa after 17 years abroad. Art has always been a part of her life, but is now at the forefront. She started painting in water colours and has embraced oils and acrylics. Experimenting, improvising, creating and evolving are her motivations. Claire’s bold and dynamic pieces have found their way to private collections here and abroad.

Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.
— Oscar Wilde

I am a late bloomer and a mostly self-taught life long artist. When I create art, it is always a new journey of self-discovery. I love the roller coaster ride that starts with an empty canvas. Through ups and downs, self-doubt and elation, and finally with the satisfaction, I end on a high with a work of art. There is nothing like the feeling of finishing and signing a painting that you have created from nothing, or at least nothing that the world could see. To have such enjoyment and then to have the honour of showing it to the outside world; there lies a great part of my motivation to create art.

My themes are always about subjects that have touched me deeply. For example, I started painting florals after the passing of my mother. She loved flowers, gardens, and all the beauty in the world. Painting flowers makes me feel like my mother is still with me and that she would enjoy my florals and their aesthetic value. I normally work in oil and acrylic on canvas. However, I am ever learning and evolving. My latest work is in mixed media on canvas, wood panels and including wine and champagne corks in cradle boards.

The theme that I am currently working on is “Canada 150” or the 150th anniversary of Confederation. After living in Europe and the Middle East for 17 years, returning to Canada has made me feel great pride for my country.

This series will be abstract and figurative; filled with symbolism of all that is Canadian and the people who lived here from past to present. Life has many journeys; I would like to express some of mine through my art.